Mini Cab Insurance

Insure your Minicab quickly and easily! Cover available can include:

  • Cover for Both Public and Private Hire Cabs
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Cover for Taxi Fleets
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Instant documentation Available

Minicab Insurance Explained

If you’re an owner driver who needs minicab insurance, or you operate a fleet of minicabs that you can want to get insured under one policy, you’re in the right place. Getting good minicab insurance is essential. There are too many risks associated with driving a minicab to simply leave things to chance. The good news is that there are many insurance providers who offer private hire minicab insurance at competitive prices. It’s up to you what level of cover you choose but it’s helpful to be aware of the different types of cover you can get with a policy.

Types of Cover

There are certain types of cover that are very typical with minicab insurance. The main ones are:

  • Comprehensive Cover – This will protect you for all types of accidents whether you’re liable or not.
  • Public Liability Insurance – There is always the chance that you could face a liability claim when driving a minicab so it’s essential that you have a good amount of public liability cover included in your policy.
  • Breakdown Assistance – This is very useful for minicab drivers and most consider it to be a necessity. If your car breaks down when you’re on the job you want to be sure that you’ll get back on the road again as soon as possible.
  • Fleet Insurance – If you own a fleet of minicabs then you can insure them under one policy using fleet insurance. This saves you a great deal of time and money

Get Quotes From Minicab Insurance Specialists Now!

Finding quotes for minicab insurance is now easier than ever. You can get a quote very easily from an insurance provider by visiting their website. However if you want to save time and money by getting multiple quotes then there is an easier way still. By clicking the button at the bottom of the page, you will be able to access quotes from many minicab insurance specialists. All you have to do is provide some information about yourself and your policy needs. You’ll then be sent your quotes for you to compare. It’s that easy!

In the vast and varied world of mini cab insurance you want to know that every time you get behind the wheel you have the best possible policy in place for your needs. Private hire, public hire, 3rd party, fully comprehensive, these are just some of the differences you will find between taxis and their insurance. We have been a leading name in all types of mini cab insurance for years now and for our thousands of customers we have become the name they trust.

Try our highly tailored mini cab insurance policies

You won’t find any basic policies here which we tweak a bit and pass off as tailor made. We say our mini cab insurance policies are highly tailored because that’s exactly what they are. There is nothing added on that you don’t want, we never miss anything off that you did want, quite simply if you have an ideal insurance policy we turn it into a reality.

Compare quotes easily on insurance for mini cabs

A few quick questions and a list of companies and their quotes for mini cab insurance pops up on your screen. We have gone to great lengths to create the best possible user experience for our customers and once you have tried us and seen just how easy it is to compare quotes you will never go anywhere else.

Save time and money

30 seconds is all it takes to answer our question. The list of quotes based on your responses is there in another couple of seconds. Speed is of the essence in our book and we are proud to say that we save all our customers both time and money when it comes to getting their mini cab insurance quotes. If you have spent hours in the past scrolling through reams of questions give us a go and see how quick we work. Cleverly worded questions means we can build your profile in 30 seconds, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Multiple payment options for mini cab insurance

How do you prefer to pay for your mini cab insurance, one lump sum or split into affordable monthly or quarterly payments? Whichever you prefer we offer multiple payment options to all our customers meaning you can get the best possible policy without breaking the bank.

Instant documentation

Once you have made your agreed initial payment online we deliver you  your documentation within seconds; guaranteed.  Once you have paid by rights you should have all your documents instantly so you can check through the small print, print them off, do what you want with them. You pay for your mini cab insurance we deliver your documents, there’s no hanging about waiting when you come to us.

Quick and easy claims process for better insurance for mini cabs

There will be many of you reading this now who thought you had a great insurance company until you had to make a claim. Dragging it out and asking all manner of inane questions is simply not necessary and not something you will find with us. A straightforward claims process and fast settlement is how we do business, just as it should be.