A Guide to Black Cab Insurance

If you drive a black cab for a living then it’s vital that you have the right cover in place.

Black cab insurance provides the level of protection you need when working as a black cab driver.

Black cab insurance cover options

Below are the main types of cover you can get with a black cab insurance policy

  • Third party - Third party insurance will provide enough cover for you to drive your cab legally. It will cover any third parties that you’re involved in a collision with where you’re to blame. This is the cheapest type of policy you can get.
  • Fully comprehensive – A fully comprehensive policy provides cover for third parties where you’re to blame as well as cover for your own vehicle. Fully comprehensive insurance costs more than third party and typically includes fire and theft cover too.
  • Public liability - Public liability insurance is another type of cover you’ll need when you drive a black cab. It will protect you in the event of a liability claim from a passenger or member of the public going against you. You can also have legal expenses added to your policy. This is very useful since fighting a liability claim can get expensive very quickly.
  • Breakdown assistance - When you rely on your vehicle to make a living, you want to be sure that if you have a breakdown you’ll be back on the road ASAP. Even if you already have breakdown cover in place it’s still worth finding out how much it would be to add it to your policy since it might work out cheaper.
  • Vehicle replacement - Vehicle replacement is a very useful cover option as it will ensure you can carry on working if your cab is damaged or written off.

Saving money on black cab insurance

Below are a couple of great ways to lower the cost of your black cab insurance.

  • Pay upfront – If you’re able to pay for your policy on a yearly basis rather than monthly then this is a very good way to lower the overall cost significantly. Although you pay more initially, over the course of the year you’ll pay quite a bit less then you would paying monthly.
  • Shop around - You should also make sure to get a lot of quotes from different providers as they will help you to avoid overpaying for your cover. It’s extremely easy to get black cab insurance quotes online now so there’s no reason not to do this.