Essential Motoring Checklist for Your Taxi

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When you drive a taxi for a living, you want to be sure that you have everything you need with you to deal with any possible situation that might arise. It doesn’t matter if you need¬†black cab insurance or a private hire taxi insurance, it’s your responsibility to make sure your cab is safe.

With this in mind, below are some of the most essential items to make sure you have with you at all times.

Wheel-changing equipment

Being able to change a wheel is a very basic piece of car maintenance that many regular road users simply don’t know how to do. If you drive a taxi then you’ll definitely want to make sure you can change a flat or punctured wheel yourself. You’ll need the right equipment to do this so make sure you have a jack and wheel brace as well as a locking nut adaptor.

Jump leads

If you’ve broken down due to a flat battery and want to get somewhere i.e. a garage or back to the depot ASAP, then jump starting your car is the best way to do this. Making sure you always have jump leads with you will make it much easier than relying on another road user having them.


It’s always a good idea to keep a decent sized bottle of water with you in your car, particularly during the summer months when it can be very hot and humid.

In-car Phone charger

Keeping your phone fully charged at all times is essential, particularly if you rely on your phone as a SatNav. In-car phone chargers are very cheap to buy so there’s no excuse not to have one with you at all times.

A torch

A torch is always going to something that you’re glad you’ve got if you need it. During the winter months, it goes dark very early and if you were to break down then you definitely want to have a torch handy. You can get some great keyring torches that are very convenient or you can go for something larger and more powerful - as long as you have it with you at all time.

First aid kit

This is extremely useful to have with you. You never know when you might have to use it but you’ll certainly be glad you have it when you do.

Pen and paper

Carrying a pen and paper with you might seem unnecessary if you have your mobile phone but it’s still definitely worth having - for example if you need to exchange insurance information after an accident.