Getting The Right Public Hire Insurance Policy

If you’re a public hire taxi driver then having the right insurance in place is vital.

When it comes to public hire insurance, not all policies are the same. Some drivers choose to get the highest level of cover they can while others opt for a more basic and affordable policy.

To help you get the right type of public hire taxi insurance, below is an explanation of some of the main types of cover available.

Third party

Third party insurance is the minimum level of cover required to drive a taxi (or any vehicle) in the UK. It provides protection for other road users’ vehicles in the event that you’re in a collision that you’re at fault for. You can get either a third party only policy or a third party, fire and theft if you want some added protection.

Fully comprehensive

A fully comprehensive policy provides the most protection for your own vehicle since it will be covered even for accidents where you’re to blame. Fire and theft is usually included as standard.

Vehicle replacement

If your cab was to be damaged and needed to be repaired for whatever reason then you’d be unable to work, which depending on how long the repairs took, could end up costing you a lot of money. This is why a lot of taxi drivers chose to get vehicle replacement included in their policy.

Breakdown cover

Breakdown cover is something you’ll certainly want to have when driving a taxi for a living. You can get it either from a third party provider or added to your policy with most insurance providers. It’s worth comparing costs since you might find it’s cheaper to add it to your policy even if you already have cover in place.

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance is a must for taxi drivers. A claim going against you could be devastating if you didn’t have the right cover in place so you should ensure you have this right from the beginning.

Legal expenses

Legal expenses is another cover option to strongly consider getting included in your policy. The legal system is notoriously difficult to navigate and if you found yourself in a position where you need to fight a liability claim in court then you could easily find yourself running out of money quickly. Legal expenses cover will ensure you’re able to fight a claim if you need to.