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Limousine Insurance Explained

When you own a limousine company you need to ensure that your business is covered for all risks, including those that your drivers face on the road and liability claims. There are many excellent providers of limousine insurance and chauffeur car insurance who can offer you a custom policy at a highly competitive rate.

Below are the types of taxi insurance cover you can get as well as some excellent ways to save money.

Types of cover

  • Agreed valuation - Agreed valuation policies are very useful for limousine companies. Limousines often don’t have a clear market value in the way regular cars do. A limited mileage policy ensures that you and your insurance provider agree on the value of your vehicle(s) so you receive proper compensation should one of your vehicles need to be replaced.
  • Limited mileage - Because limousines are usually used for special occasions, they’re typically on the road less than a regular taxi. Therefore you can benefit by getting a limited mileage policy by agreeing to keep your vehicle(s) under a certain number of miles per year.
  • Public liability - If a passenger or member of the public were to be injured or killed as a result of negligence on behalf of one of your drivers then you’d almost certainly face a liability claim. Having public liability insurance will ensure that you’re covered in this situation.
  • Fleet limousine insurance - If you need to insure multiple vehicles then a fleet policy is ideal. You can insure different models under the same policy, which makes things easy to manage and usually works out cheaper too.
  • Policies for classic and custom limousines - If your company owns classic or custom limousines then you’ll be able to find cover for these also.

Ways to save money

Below are some excellent ways to save money on limousine insurance

  • Pay annually – Paying for your policy annually instead of monthly will enable you to save a good amount of money overall. Be sure to negotiate for the best price possible if you do chose to pay annually.
  • Get a limited mileage policy - Limited mileage policies are another excellent way to save money on limousine insurance. Most insurance providers will give you the option to take out a limited mileage policy.
  • Get multiple quotes - You should always make sure you get quotes from more than one provider so you can compare them and pick the one that offers the best value for money.

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