Road Safety Week 2016

MultiquoteTaxi have recently partnered with Brake - a road safety charity who work to raise awareness of the importance of road safety in the community and to support the victims of road traffic accidents.


We are happy to be supporting Brake’s Road Safety Week, which is running from 21st - 27th November. Road Safety Week aims to raise awareness in communities about the importance of road safety and gives key information on how we can all be safer whilst on the roads.


Below is a quote from Brake community manager, Dave Nichols about our involvement in Road Safety Week and what the aims of the campaign are.


Dave Nichols, community engagement manager for Brake, said: “We’re delighted is getting involved with Road Safety Week and strengthening Brake’s campaign for safer roads. We’ve designed this year’s theme to be action-orientated. Everyone – individuals, businesses, schools and community organisations – can make and share the Brake Pledge. Brake is working for safe, sustainable, healthy and fair transport. Brake supports a vision zero approach, which places the emphasis on systems to save lives and the planet, such as 20mph limits in towns and segregated routes for people on foot and bicycles. We know it is challenging to change road users’ behaviour and humans make mistakes and some knowingly take risks. However, the deaths and injuries are happening right now, this week, and everyone can do their bit today by spreading awareness of the vital importance of the Pledge rules: slow down; never drink or take drugs or use a mobile when driving; always wear a seat belt; get eyesight tested; and minimise driving.”


Why take part?


Employers, especially those with staff who drive for work, can play a vital role in reducing devastating road casualties and making roads safer for everyone, while improving their reputation, morale, and reducing costs. Getting involved in Road Safety Week is a great way to do this. You can engage staff in key road safety issues and encourage them to commit to safe and sustainable travel. For companies with employees who drive for work, reducing the risks your staff face is crucial in controlling costs and delivering on duty of care. Promoting road safety can also be part of any organisation’s corporate social responsibility work, helping you to establish the organisation as one that cares about staff, customers and local people.


What can you do?


There are endless possibilities of how companies can get involved in Road Safety Week. Here are some ideas that have proved to be effective in past campaigns –

  • Run a road safety quiz for staff or customers based on the Highway Code. Use the Road Safety Week website and Brake’s road safety fact pages for more info.
  • Sponsor a giant Road Safety Week banner to be displayed in your community. Order before 30 October by calling 01484 550 064 or emailing Brake may be able to arrange a local site to display the banner, or you can put it up on your own building, and it’s yours to keep afterwards.
  • Offer staff volunteering time to help road safety activities organised by the local authority road safety team or emergency services.
  • Support or initiate a campaign in the local community for improved road safety and sustainable travel, for example, lowering speed limits, improving speed enforcement, or investing in safe walking and cycling paths


Find out more

To find out more about Brake’s work with companies, and the training and resources we provide through our low-cost Brake Professional membership scheme, email Ellie and Zari’a at