is proud to support Road Safety Week 2018.

Road Safety Week is an annual event organized by UK road safety charity break. Its purpose is to help raise awareness of the importance of road safety throughout the UK.

Bike Smart: The theme for 2018

The theme for this year’s event, which will run from November 19th-25th, is Bike Smart. Cyclists and motorcyclists make up around a third of all the serious injuries and deaths on UK roads. Riders are involved in crashes every day that could often be avoided if people were to take more care on the roads.

Brake wants to help make roads safer for bike riders by encouraging change in a number of areas. Firstly they would like to encourage policy-makers to invest more in the infrastructure of roads in the UK to make them safer for cyclists. Brake would also like to raise awareness among motorists on just how dangerous roads can be for bike riders and why they need to take care by slowing down and giving them plenty of space. Lastly they want to encourage bike riders themselves to take every precaution they can, by riding safely and using the right type of equipment.

How to get involved

You can get involved in Road Safety Week this year by helping to promote it in a number of ways. You can put up posters at your school, your workplace or in your local community. You can get free posters from the road safety website by signing up for the free action pack here.

Another way to get involved with Road Safety Week is by putting on your own event. Workplace events have proved to be a very effective way to promote Road Safety Week in the past but you can also host them in your community if you prefer.

The Brake Pledge

Taking the Brake Pledge is another way you can help to support Brake and road safety in general. The Brake Pledge is a set of rules that those who sign up to it agree to adhere to. Some of the main rules include sticking to the speed limit when you’re driving, making sure that everyone in your car is wearing a seatbelt, never getting behind the wheel when you’ve had any alcohol and not using your phone for any reason when you’re driving.