Taxi Fleet Insurance

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  • Policies for fleets of 2 to 500+ vehicles
  • Limited or Unlimited mileage options
  • Social Domestic and Pleasure option
  • Mixed vehicle fleets - (black cabs, private hire, minicabs, minibuses etc)
  • All age drivers welcome
  • Monthly direct debit facilities available

A guide to taxi fleet insurance

When you run a taxi firm you want to take every step you can to make your business a success and protect it from risk. This means hiring reliable drivers, having your vehicles regularly serviced and not least - getting a good insurance policy.

Taxi fleet insurance enables you to insure all your vehicles under one easy-to-manage policy. You can get taxi fleet insurance quotes now by clicking the green button on this page. Before you do, it’s a good idea to read through the information below so you can make an informed decision.

Types of Cover

  • Third party - Third party cover is the minimum level of cover required to make your vehicles road legal. It will provide cover for third parties in the event of a collision that your driver was liable for.
  • Comprehensive - Comprehensive cover will provide protection for all types of collisions, even those your drivers are liable for. This level of cover is usually recommended for taxi fleet insurance as it will enable you to run your business with full peace of mind.
  • Public liability - Public liability insurance is a must for taxi firms. It will protect you from any claims from members of the public (including passengers) made against your business.
  • Breakdown assistance - Breakdown assistance is a must for your drivers and can be included as part of a taxi fleet insurance policy for a very competitive additional cost.

The benefits of taxi fleet insurance

  • Save time - One of the great benefits of taxi fleet insurance is that it’s much easier to set up and manage when compared to insuring your vehicles individually. Saving time is something that every business owner is trying to accomplish and fleet insurance gives you an excellent way to do this.
  • Save money - Another key benefit of taxi fleet insurance is that it usually works out considerably cheaper compared to insuring vehicles individually.

Saving money

  • Pay upfront - Paying upfront on a yearly rather than monthly basis is one of the best ways to save money on taxi insurance.
  • Be selective with drivers – You should always be selective with your drivers when you want to save money on taxi fleet insurance. The best drivers are those with a good deal of driving experience as well as a clean driving licence and claims history.
  • Get quotes from different providers - Getting quotes from different providers will enable you to compare quotes easily and pick the best one.

Get quotes easily

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