Uber Insurance Explained

Uber has become incredibly popular in the UK over the last few years and there are a growing number of Uber drivers on the roads all the time.

In order to work as an Uber driver, you must not only have a taxi driver’s licence and your own vehicle but you must also have the right insurance in place.

Uber taxis are considered private hire vehicles so you’ll need to get private hire insurance in order to work as an Uber driver.

Below are the different types of Uber insurance cover options you can get –

  • Third party - Third party insurance is the minimum level of cover you need to have in order to work legally as an Uber driver. You can add more protection for your own vehicle by getting a third party, fire and theft policy.
  • Comprehensive - Comprehensive insurance will cover your vehicle for fire and theft as well as collisions where you’re to blame. Comprehensive cover costs more than third party but it does give you added peace of mind.
  • Liability claims - Liability claims are certainly a risk for Uber drivers so it’s essential that you have public liability insurance included in your policy.
  • Legal expenses - Liability claims are very commonplace and often encouraged now. This means that unfairly facing a liability claim is not that unlikely of a scenario. For this reason having legal expenses included in your policy is a good idea since the legal costs associated with fighting a claim in court can mount up very quickly.
  • Breakdown cover - Breakdown cover is essential when you work as an Uber driver. Although many drivers get breakdown cover from elsewhere, it is usually possible to have it included as part of your insurance. Doing this could help you to save a lot of money.

Saving money on Uber insurance

Taking steps to save money on Uber insurance is very important. With this in mind below are a couple of the best ways you can do this –

  • Get quotes from many insurance providers - One of the most reliable ways you can save money on Uber insurance is by getting quotes from a lot of different providers. This will enable you to easily compare them and choose the policy that offers the best value for money.
  • Pay for your policy on yearly basis - If you can afford to pay for your cover annually rather than monthly then most insurance providers will offer you a good discount for doing this.