What Are The Requirements To Become an Uber Driver?

The things you’ll need to become an Uber driver are a private hire licence, a vehicle that meets Uber’s requirements and Uber insurance.

Below is a detailed explanation of each step.

Getting a private hire licence

The first step to becoming an Uber driver is obtaining a private hire licence. Unlike black cabs, Uber taxis are private hire vehicles, meaning they can only be booked in advance and cannot be hailed from the street.

The requirements for obtaining a private hire licence vary depending on where you live however in the majority of places you’ll need to –

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Hold a full UK driver’s licence
  • Be able to legally work in the UK
  • Pass a medical examination

Getting a vehicle

In addition to getting a private hire licence, you’ll also need to have a vehicle that meets Uber’s requirements. These are –

  • Your vehicle must be 2006 or newer; or 2008 or newer in London.
  • It must be a 4 door car or minivan
  • The vehicle must in good condition with no cosmetic damage
  • The vehicle must be able to carry 4 passengers minimum
  • You cannot have any commercial branding on the vehicle

Getting insurance

Lastly you’ll need to get the right type of insurance. For Uber taxis this is private hire insurance.

Below are the different types of private hire insurance options you can choose from –

  • Third party – Third party insurance is the minimum level of cover you’ll need to drive an Uber taxi legally. It is the cheapest type of private hire insurance you can get.
  • Comprehensive – A comprehensive policy will provide full protection for your own vehicle, including fire, theft and any damage to your vehicle if you’re involved in a collision where you’re to blame.
  • Public liability insurance – Public liability insurance is a must when you work as an Uber driver. When passengers are in your vehicle, their safety is your responsibility. If a passenger or member of public were to be injured or killed as a result of your actions then a liability claim could easily follow so having cover in place is essential.
  • Legal expenses - If you had to fight a liability claim in court then you would likely find that the legal expenses got expensive very quickly. This is why it’s such a useful cover option to have included in an Uber insurance policy.
  • Breakdown cover - Breakdown cover is always worth having included in an Uber policy and can often work out cheaper than getting it elsewhere.